The Wisdom Tooth Hiatus & Updates

Saturday, September 30, 2017

I apologize for my prolonged absence. I had surgery to remove four impacted wisdom teeth two weeks ago, and with that coming up I was too stressed to write. Afterward, although the surgery went well, my recovery did not. I had a lot of pain, nausea, significant swelling that impeded my ability to open my mouth more than 1/2", and two dry sockets. I'm still dealing with partial numbness in my tongue, total numbness of the gums behind my lower teeth, and discomfort in my jawbone. Thankfully, it is much better than it was even a few days ago.

Although I was on temporary hiatus, life itself was not. Logan turned six years old, and we had a wonderful get together with family to celebrate. Emma said "I love you", which is huge for us as she does not yet talk. She usually says no more than 1-2 words a day (Daddy and/or Mama), and just uses simple sign language for words like "more" and "milk". Emma is very smart, and we know she could talk, she just so far chooses not to. So hearing "I love you" was a big deal for us!

In rental house news: the kitchen hardware on our was installed today, and we are planning to have it listed for rent sometime Monday. So fingers crossed for good tenants soon!
In our house news: we got a new toilet. The tank on our original one cracked from top to bottom, seemingly for no reason, leaving a huge puddle on the tile floor. We replaced it with a similar Kohler model, but for nearly a week we had to grab the spare key and run next door if we needed to "worship the porcelain god". I'm very grateful this week for a toilet that flushes without leaving puddles!

Finally, tomorrow an old friend who happens to also be a very talented photographer will be coming to do a lifestyle session with us, so I'll share those here as soon as I have them!
For now, here are a couple of photos from our trip to the fair this week.

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