Twas the Night before Kindergarten...

Thursday, August 3, 2017

 Oh my heart... my boy starts kindergarten in the morning, and I'm so torn. On the one hand, I'm excited for him to have new experiences and make new friends. On the other hand, I'm so nervous! My baby, my firstborn, cannot possibly be ready to go to school and leave me yet. Right?! I'm hoping I can keep from crying until after I've dropped him off tomorrow. Wish me luck... I'll probably be squalling in the car before we pull away from the curb.

 We managed to get a few things done over the last couple of days. Justin installed these spice racks right across from the stove for me. I'll be adding two more whenever we can make another trip to Ikea. I've still got almost this amount just waiting on the counter.

 Please excuse the state of my kitchen... dishes and such have been very low on the priorities list when we're still stepping over and around boxes all day. Look at the knobs, though! My dad came by today and helped me install those, as well as the cup pulls on the drawers.

This area has improved a lot. We've finally got 4 chairs! And curtains! Now I just have to find the perfect little entryway table to catch our keys and mail.
Hopefully tomorrow I'll remember to take photos of the bedroom when Emma isn't in there asleep. It looks so good so far! I'm very happy with how it's all coming together.
Tomorrow while Logan is at school I plan to stay distracted unpacking and doing some tidying up. I may also just treat myself to an afternoon off. We will see...
Any mommas out there have advice for this nervous mama on the night before kindergarten?


  1. No advice as I'm a mess as well. I made it to the car before losing it though. Hopefully you were able to do the same!

    1. I did! It was hard though. I actually ended up driving, and that ended up being a very helpful distraction. Logan did great, too. He loves school!


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