Progress and Ice

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Today was the most joyful of days: refrigerator day! We purchased it yesterday, and Justin went with his dad and a couple of his dad's friends to get it today, since Lowe's wouldn't be able to deliver it for another week (ack!). I picked this particular model because it sticks out from the counter several inches less than comparable models, without actually being "counter depth" or having the shocking price tag of fridges with that label. I'm very happy with it!
The plan originally was for Justin to set it up tonight, install the ice maker, fix the washer and dryer so they would run without flooding our house (again), and rearrange our storage unit to better accommodate everything in it. After he left for work this morning, though, all I could think about was how little sleep he's had the past two nights, and I wanted to help. So I thought I'd at least unwrap the fridge, maybe even read the instructions so I could help tonight. And then I just kept going! It took me the entire day, and some help from my dad when I got stuck, but we managed to get the fridge and freezer functional. When it came to the ice maker, nothing worked. We had water going to the valve, and it was getting electricity just fine, but it wouldn't make ice. Dad and I gave up and decided to call the manufacturer in the morning to get a new valve. Then while eating dinner, Justin and I heard the loudest racket from the fridge. It sounded like someone bowling! ICE! I was so delighted. 

I'm so excited to enjoy cold drinks again. And all the other things we've been missing out on! We've had no eggs, milk, almond milk, yogurt, or anything else needing to stay cold since Friday morning. Tonight I was able to enjoy my first real cup of coffee in 3 days with cold almond milk in it, and that was a small miracle to me. 

Since Justin didn't have to worry about the fridge when he got home, he was able to install this paper towel holder for me and free up some of our countertop space.

He also got our washer and dryer fixed, and we've been able to successfully run a load of laundry (it's washing in the photo, haha). The only thing worrying us now is that the washer produces a burning grease smell and leaks small amounts of oil onto cardboard we've shoved underneath it. That's what you get when you buy a washer/dryer for $200 on Craigslist, I guess. One that floods your house and smells like a McD's deep fryer. 
Hopefully, it doesn't flood us again or burst into flames. It'd be nice to get a few months out of it at least, before it conks out, and would allow us to spend less money right now when we've got so many other new house expenses.
The cabinet next to it is our free-standing pantry, which fits the space perfectly. It's bolted to the wall to prevent the kids pulling it over, since it isn't the sturdiest piece ever.

I'm so thrilled with the progress we're making, but there is still a lot to do. These are the left and right corners of our living/dining area, and we've barely made an impact. The big box contains our new bed, which I'm super excited about, and we will hopefully be able to assemble that tomorrow. 
For now, it's enough that I can have ice in my drink again.

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