Pipes be Poppin'

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Well, we've had our first "situation". The night before last, I went into our bathroom and heard what sounded like the shower running (loudly), but the shower was not on, and the tile floor was hot to the touch. It felt like the pavement in summer! Knowing that we had not paid for radiant heated floors, I immediately called for Justin, and he cut off the water supply to the house. I called my dad in a panic, knowing that the hot tile floor had to mean boiling water was spraying everywhere under the bathroom, and he came over at nearly 10 p.m. to see how he could help. It was pouring down rain, so going into the crawl space in the wet darkness (potentially into mud made with boiling hot water) was out of the question. However, he was able to turn off just the water and power to the hot water heater while restoring water to the rest of the house, so we could still have cold running water.

I texted one of the lead contractors about the situation, and he replied almost immediately, promising help first thing. Sure enough, he was knocking on our door shortly after we got Logan off to school in the morning. That same day he had a plumber come out and repair the pipes. Apparently, two of the places where the pipe joined up under the bathtub/shower had not been glued together and had burst open. It took the poor guy most of the afternoon and into the evening to repair, and he basically had to remove the back of the house!
Today two guys have been out here putting our Humpty Dumpty house together again, so I think this is behind us. Now I'm just worried that we will have a similar situation with the other house! Thankfully, they've promised to handle it if we do, but that isn't a good thing to have to worry about.

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