An Anniversary

Saturday, August 19, 2017

This past week has been a whirlwind of life, but not much has been done inside the house. Justin has spent almost every free hour of his days outside on our landscaping, which is coming along nicely. He basically has our house done in the front (other than putting in a French drain system), and will be starting on landscaping the rental house this weekend. We picked Gardenia bushes to go in front of each porch, as well as some pretty perennials (in a different shade of purple for each house), and English Ivy to cover the slope in front of each house. I'm hoping he will do a post about that soon, so fingers crossed on that! It's going to look beautiful when it all fills in.The photo above has nothing to do with landscaping, but it's just too adorable not to share! Justin and I both got to go to lunch with Logan at school this week. Logan's teacher took this photo when Justin was there, since he was once her kindergarten student too!

This week was also the 10 year anniversary of our first date! We marked the occasion by going for Thai food, a little shopping in the downtown, and coffee at the spot where we first met.
Ten years ago Justin was working as a barista while taking a semester off from college, and I was working part time at this little coffee shop. We took an instant and intense dislike to each other! I think we both made instant assumptions about one another, and we were both incredibly far off base. The first time I read Pride and Prejudice, shortly after we had begun dating, I had to literally laugh out loud at the uncanny similarities to our early interactions. We just did not work well together, but thankfully (we thought) we were never scheduled to work the same shift. No one else I worked with shared in my disdain for Justin, they all talked about what a handsome guy he was, what a gentleman, how he smelled sooo good. All I knew is that he seemed like a jerk. And he thought I was stuck up! So we both avoided one another until we were scheduled to work the same shift together, alone. The first time we ever shared a shift in 6 months as coworkers. It poured down rain the entire 8 hour shift! We had one customer the entire night, a regular we both knew, who invited us to see a play that week that he was starring in. Unanimously, we agreed to go, but neither of us thought it was a date. During the shift, though, we got to know one another. When he showed up to my apartment to pick me up a couple of days later for our "not date", I was in a dress and heels, and he was in a nice shirt and tie. Needless to say, our not date became very much a date, and the rest is history.
Two kids and 10 years later, I'd say agreeing to go to that play with him was one of the best impulsive decisions I've ever made.

Here is the spot where we first met. The coffee shop has changed hands twice now (at least) since we worked there, but it still has the charm.

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