Two Weeks

Friday, July 14, 2017

Just two weeks from today we will be signing the mortgages for our two new houses. It's such an exciting feeling!

This is the house we will be living in.

This morning I went over to the property to see the progress since last week, as well as take measurements of every room. This is, of course, to help us decide what to keep, what to sell or donate, what to put in our storage unit, and what to bring along with us. It's been nice to sort of strip away some of the useless clutter and try to refine our lives down to the essentials.
Take for example, my clothing. I can't tell you how many pieces of clothing I owned a month ago, but it was outrageous. I've been paring down to a smaller capsule wardrobe, having been inspired by Caroline over at at Unfancy, and right now my core wardrobe consists of around 30 pieces, including shoes and handbags. I've got a few holes still to fill in (denim vest, striped shirt, black tee dress...) but my final count should come in at under 40 pieces. I will of course have a couple sets of pajamas, lounge/relaxation clothes, workout gear, a single swimsuit, and underwear (duh) that are not part of that count, but those items have also been pared down to only the essentials. Off-season clothing I plan to keep will be in storage and swapped out as the seasons change.
So far, our local thrift store has been the recipient of a half dozen huge bags of my clothing, and I've listed over 100 pieces on my Poshmark, with about 100 more to go.

Look at this ridiculousness. The stuff in the box is already on Poshmark and will be kept in our storage unit, the stuff in the chair is waiting to be listed. 
 So now, without further ado, current progress photos...

This is the unit we will be renting out.

This is the inside of the rental. Flooring in both units should be going in soon, as well as kitchen cabinets (this photo taken looking at the future kitchen area into the dining/living area). 

Our future home!

The kitchen area of our home. The walls in both houses are painted Agreeable Gray.

“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you're the pilot." -” ― Michael Altshuler

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