The 4 a.m. Flood

Monday, July 31, 2017

Well, our first "official" night in the new house was Saturday (after having the children fall asleep on the sofa Friday night followed by rain coming down so hard that we ended up staying there that night), and boy was it one for the record books. Justin and I put the kids to bed and immediately started working as quickly as possible on our long list of to-dos. By 1 a.m, we had barely made a dent, and 2 a.m was not much better, but by 3 a.m. we had set up the washer and dryer and we were both feeling pretty good about ourselves. At 3:30, I headed to the bathroom to wash my face for bed, and I stepped into a lake in our kitchen. Justin very quickly traced it back to the washing machine, which was running a cycle and was draining itself onto our floor. Within minutes, we had moved it out of the way and mopped up the incredible mess with every towel and piece of dirty laundry we had on hand. Thankfully, we worked quickly enough that our floors were spared damage, but it was still a stressful mess that we weren't able to resolve until after 4 a.m..

 Tonight we will be trying to hook it up again, so wish us luck! We bought a new hose for the washing machine, so that will hopefully resolve the issue. The washer was a used Craigslist find, and the hose that came with it was too big, which caused the flooding.

 The only room we have completely done so far is Logan's room. It still needs a few finishing touches (and his clothes and books need to be put away) but it's a functional space now.

The rest of the house, however, is still far from functional. The living room looks worse now than in this photo, if you can believe it! Thankfully, we've got our blinds up in all of the rooms now, and the alarm system has been installed. So if we live in chaos at the moment, it's at least private and secure.

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