One Week

Friday, July 21, 2017

We've got one week from today until we sign our mortgages and get the keys to our "tiny twins"! Yesterday our realtor took us by the houses to check the progress. They've removed the gravel from the driveway and were leveling the dirt out in preparation for the crushed asphalt to be laid. The driveway apron has also been laid, which will keep our driveway material from migrating into the street. 

 The flooring is completely in now in our house, and they were working on laying it in the rental unit yesterday. Tile is next for both units. I love how the flooring looks with the wall color!

The next week is going to fly by. There's still so much to do around here before the move. They're saying everything should be done by Tuesday, and we're having the inspections on Wednesday. It will be incredible to see the houses move-in ready. 

Logan's room is ready for him! 

This is the gorgeous view out of our bedroom window. I love these old pecan trees!

One last look at our lovely vintage hexagon tile before it goes in! 

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