Inspection Day, or: Overpromising and Underdelivering

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Well, today was supposed to be our inspection on both houses, but unfortunately ended up only being an inspection on the one we will be living in. The contractor overpromised and under delivered, basically. They'd been swearing all week that both houses would be done by Monday, cleaned and with certificates of occupancy issued Tuesday, and inspections completed Wednesday, with our closing on Friday because they would be working through the weekend. They did not work at all during the weekend, and today neither house was done. The one we will be living in was done enough to complete the inspection, thankfully, but the inspector will have to be paid to come out a second time and check the other house once it's done because there were no appliances and the plumbing was not complete! On the list of frustrations, that definitely ranks on up there.
We were able to do the walk through today on the one we will be living in, and I noted all the things I wanted fixed or touched up before closing. Tomorrow I'll be doing the same thing for the rental unit, as long as it's done (they are swearing it will be done tomorrow... we will see). We are also having to pay a structural engineer to come out and take a look at the supports in the crawl space on the rental. The inspector found a few things that looked potentially concerning, so we thought it would be best to have them checked out. Needless to say, we will not be able to close on the rental Friday. We will just close on the other, start moving in, and close on the rental once it is complete and has been re-inspected and cleared.
I didn't take any photos today, because all my focus was on the minutiae of the houses.
Instead, here are some photos of my daughter playing outside this evening. In the midst of stressful situations, seeing her walking really helps calm me. Emma was born with a clubfoot (which I'll talk about more some other time) and it's been a very hard path for her to get to this point. Every step she takes feels like a miracle to us. When other things aren't going according to plan, at least she is right on track.

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