Closing & Moving!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

I apologize for the delay in updating.. it's been a very busy past two days! Friday morning our certificate of occupancy was issued and we were able to make it to the closing table for #44. We expect work on #42's foundation to begin Monday, with the follow-up inspection happening Wednesday and closing on Friday. But for now, we are officially homeowners (again!). 

On Friday, as soon as we left the closing, we started packing up our vehicles and bringing loads of stuff over. There's plenty still to bring or put in storage. Some of what we already brought will end up in storage as well. My thought was, if I bring everything I think I might want to use to decorate our space I'll have plenty to choose from and the rest can be repacked for down the road, or donated. 

 On Friday the space was looking a little bare, with not much having been brought over. We didn't have any of the furniture over until later that day, and we had to move it in the rain.

Tonight you can see we have a lot more stuff in the space! Once everything is unpacked and put away, it will look much better in here. 

This piece was such a lucky Target find! We needed something exactly a certain depth and width to stand in as a laundry closet in our bathroom, since there otherwise wouldn't be any storage for towels and sheets other than our bedroom closet. This cabinet fits like it was designed for the space and it's able to hold everything we need it to. The fact that it's glass on three sides helps it to not take up as much visual space, and allows my pretty towels and quilts to be enjoyed even when not in use. 

Nothing makes a place feel like home as much as treasures like this. Logan's artwork, his hand print, and Emma's tiny footprints from before she started treatment for her clubfoot. 

Oh man... there's still so much to do and only one day left in the weekend! To say I'm overwhelmed would be an understatement. Tomorrow we've got to finish emptying out the rental house we've been staying in (if at all possible), and work on unpacking and settling in here. I'm hoping we will be able to get our blinds up on the windows tonight (yay privacy!), and put together our freestanding pantry since this house doesn't have one. Tomorrow we are also planning to buy a fridge, and that will be amazing. You have no idea how much you can miss a good cup of yogurt or a cold drink with ice in it until you lose the ability to have either. Once we have our fridge, we will be much more comfortable, and this mama will be much happier.
 And when mama is happy, everybody's happy.

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