660 Square Feet

Thursday, July 13, 2017

In our lives so far, Justin and I both agree, the best things have always been spur of the moment. We don't overthink things too much, we just tend to go with our gut as a couple and dive in head first and holding hands.
And so it was when Justin came to me about a month ago and said, "Honey, I found these houses. They were just listed, they're in the school zone we want, and we could buy both". Since the housing market here is a bloodbath, I was very intrigued and immediately took a look. They were tiny. Really tiny. But they were also cute, and I could see potential. Having just read The Magnolia Story by Chip & Joanna Gaines, I remembered how they had discussed living in very small homes with their children, and I thought... we could do this. Fast forward a few days, and we were under contract on both.

Our plan is to live in one, rent out the other, and give ourselves the financial freedom away from an oversized mortgage to live comfortably and invest in our future. 

This week the interiors are being painted, and flooring and tile is going in. We have a closing date set for July 28th. Justin and I have just begun packing, and we're both full of butterflies. We have to move in as quickly as possible, too, because Logan starts kindergarten on the 4th! 
So wish us luck. We'll need lots of it. 
Plus coffee. 
And maybe wine.  
Definitely wine. 


  1. Ashley, this is SO AWESOME! I cannot wait to follow you and the family on this journey! Do you already have a renter lined up for the other house? If not, I know it won't take any time at all! I look forward to seeing more of the houses!

  2. Looking forward to following your journey


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