One Week

Friday, July 21, 2017

We've got one week from today until we sign our mortgages and get the keys to our "tiny twins"! Yesterday our realtor took us by the houses to check the progress. They've removed the gravel from the driveway and were leveling the dirt out in preparation for the crushed asphalt to be laid. The driveway apron has also been laid, which will keep our driveway material from migrating into the street. 

 The flooring is completely in now in our house, and they were working on laying it in the rental unit yesterday. Tile is next for both units. I love how the flooring looks with the wall color!

The next week is going to fly by. There's still so much to do around here before the move. They're saying everything should be done by Tuesday, and we're having the inspections on Wednesday. It will be incredible to see the houses move-in ready. 

Logan's room is ready for him! 

This is the gorgeous view out of our bedroom window. I love these old pecan trees!

One last look at our lovely vintage hexagon tile before it goes in! 

A Busy Weekend

Monday, July 17, 2017

This weekend was jam packed! We've got so little time left until we move in, and so much still left to do, so we're trying to accomplish as much as we can each day. First on our agenda was to replace some of our larger furniture (which we have been selling off all week) with more compact versions. We've already found a more compact sofa, a coffee table with hidden storage, and several other pieces are on their way from Wayfair. We still needed a smaller bed for Logan to replace his loft bed with stairs, a narrower but slightly taller dresser for our bedroom, a mirrored medicine cabinet, a large mirror to hang on the bedroom wall, and a few other things.
For compact furniture on a budget, it's hard to beat IKEA, so off we went to the home of flat-pack Swedish furnishings for the second weekend in a row.

Justin with our haul. 

As soon as we hit the interstate, rain hit us. Being a lovely sunny day, we hadn't thought to pack a tarp and our boxes were soaked. Flat-pack furniture sitting in wet boxes for the next week and a half sounded like a recipe for disaster, so Justin and I stayed up half the night putting together a Hemnes dresser, a twin bed for Logan, and a mirrored medicine cabinet. I can conservatively estimate that we put this dresser together twice, with all the parts we had to take apart and re-do. It was an adventure, to be sure!

Today I ran the medicine cabinet by the new house to have it installed, and I got to check out the progress. It's coming together quickly now!

This is the inside of our bedroom.

If you look closely in this last photo you can see our tile selection in the back! I love the vintage style hexagons. They remind me of my Mema's house when I was a child.
This flooring should be going in soon, and the clock is ticking down to moving day! I'll be headed back over on Thursday to check on the progress. Hopefully my new medicine cabinet will be up by then and I can share a photo, since I forgot to take one when I dropped it off today.

Two Weeks

Friday, July 14, 2017

Just two weeks from today we will be signing the mortgages for our two new houses. It's such an exciting feeling!

This is the house we will be living in.

This morning I went over to the property to see the progress since last week, as well as take measurements of every room. This is, of course, to help us decide what to keep, what to sell or donate, what to put in our storage unit, and what to bring along with us. It's been nice to sort of strip away some of the useless clutter and try to refine our lives down to the essentials.
Take for example, my clothing. I can't tell you how many pieces of clothing I owned a month ago, but it was outrageous. I've been paring down to a smaller capsule wardrobe, having been inspired by Caroline over at at Unfancy, and right now my core wardrobe consists of around 30 pieces, including shoes and handbags. I've got a few holes still to fill in (denim vest, striped shirt, black tee dress...) but my final count should come in at under 40 pieces. I will of course have a couple sets of pajamas, lounge/relaxation clothes, workout gear, a single swimsuit, and underwear (duh) that are not part of that count, but those items have also been pared down to only the essentials. Off-season clothing I plan to keep will be in storage and swapped out as the seasons change.
So far, our local thrift store has been the recipient of a half dozen huge bags of my clothing, and I've listed over 100 pieces on my Poshmark, with about 100 more to go.

Look at this ridiculousness. The stuff in the box is already on Poshmark and will be kept in our storage unit, the stuff in the chair is waiting to be listed. 
 So now, without further ado, current progress photos...

This is the unit we will be renting out.

This is the inside of the rental. Flooring in both units should be going in soon, as well as kitchen cabinets (this photo taken looking at the future kitchen area into the dining/living area). 

Our future home!

The kitchen area of our home. The walls in both houses are painted Agreeable Gray.

“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you're the pilot." -” ― Michael Altshuler

660 Square Feet

Thursday, July 13, 2017

In our lives so far, Justin and I both agree, the best things have always been spur of the moment. We don't overthink things too much, we just tend to go with our gut as a couple and dive in head first and holding hands.
And so it was when Justin came to me about a month ago and said, "Honey, I found these houses. They were just listed, they're in the school zone we want, and we could buy both". Since the housing market here is a bloodbath, I was very intrigued and immediately took a look. They were tiny. Really tiny. But they were also cute, and I could see potential. Having just read The Magnolia Story by Chip & Joanna Gaines, I remembered how they had discussed living in very small homes with their children, and I thought... we could do this. Fast forward a few days, and we were under contract on both.

Our plan is to live in one, rent out the other, and give ourselves the financial freedom away from an oversized mortgage to live comfortably and invest in our future. 

This week the interiors are being painted, and flooring and tile is going in. We have a closing date set for July 28th. Justin and I have just begun packing, and we're both full of butterflies. We have to move in as quickly as possible, too, because Logan starts kindergarten on the 4th! 
So wish us luck. We'll need lots of it. 
Plus coffee. 
And maybe wine.  
Definitely wine. 
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